Bioclimatic pergolas, roofs and solar canopies for outdoor use

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Bioclimatic pergolas, roofs and solar canopies for outdoor use

Bioclimatic pergolas, roofs and solar canopies for outdoor use


Bioclimatic pergolas are distinguished by their innovative roofing system, a technology that allows light to enter naturally and experience your outdoor space in full harmony.

With minimal energy expenditure, bioclimatic covers with swiveling blades rotate silently for optimal comfort!

Pergolas, pergola and solar canopies


The definition of an arbor is often interchanged with that of a pergola, but what does administrative law support in this regard?

Administrative jurisprudence supports:

Pergola: lightweight artifact, not fixed to the floor and therefore removable. Devoid of any masonry elements on any side and characterized by the absence of a roof, even partial. Finally, it must possess, at the top, the essential elements to support the plants that serve as shade.(State Council No. 5541/2018, No. 4001/2018);

Pergola: an artifact having an ornamental nature, made of a light structure of wood or other material of minimal weight, easily removable as it has no foundation, which serves as a support for climbing plants, through which to achieve shelter and/or shading of surfaces of modest size (Cons. of State No. 5377/2014, No. 5409/2011).

The “task” of the photovoltaic pergola should be that of support and not roofing. By installing solar panels in the pergola, it could become a canopy.

Solar panel elements that serve as a pergola cover can be there if they meet the condition of: being supported, removable, and thus not completely obstructing the passage of light and water.

By meeting these two requirements, it becomes moot that photovoltaic panels were installed on the pergola support truss.

The covering of the photovoltaic pergola therefore, even if it consists of solar panels instead of vines, does not affect the nature of the pergola, and it is possible to turn it into a canopy as long as the structure is permeable.

What is the difference between a solar pergola and solar canopy?

A solar canopy is a single-pitch structure made of aluminum or laminated wood that can produce electricity.

The difference between canopy and pergola lies in the permeability and impermeability of the structure. If the product is waterproof with a fixed roof, it becomes a canopy unless a hail net is installed. Such a system allows water to pass through and thus becomes permeable. Even with the installation of solar panels, the structure can become permeable and waterproof.

The solar panels above the canopy commonly are spaced (2cm) apart, allowing rain to pass through and thus is subject to different regulations. The best way to qualify for benefits is to have the canopy re-enter as a photovoltaic pergola.

The structures of Pergosolar can be:

  • Covered with bioclimatic slats;
  • With movable or fixed tarps and fabrics with hail nets;
  • Self-tensioning cloths;
  • Aggregate or pvc sheets;

Solar pergolas or canopies are the ideal solution for those who want to optimize outdoor spaces such as gardens, verandas or terraces. You can experience your spaces by personalizing them!

In the pergola with photovoltaic panels, you can insert an awning underneath or if you insert a bioclimatic slat, you can experience your outdoor living spaces.

Experience your outdoors at any time of the day and seasonal period!

Delivery and Installation of pergolas and solar covers in Verona and throughout the country.





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