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NANOTEK, a new technology developed for solar and photovoltaic panels, is born.
It is an innovative nanotechnology-based formulation that has photocatalytic properties, and is specifically designed to protect solar and photovoltaic panels, improving their efficiency.
NANOTEK can develop an anti-reflective coating with strong hydrophilic, antibacterial and air-purifying properties. NANOTEK gives treated surfaces self-cleaning and anti-reflective properties, protects solar panels from dirt, and increases their effectiveness through the combination of these two effects. NANOTEK ‘s deposited nanostructure is a superhydrophobic photovoltaic and solar panel treatment characterized by unique properties that allow weathering (wind, rain and moisture) to remove dirt and contaminants.
This treatment for solar panels and photovoltaic makes possible an increase in the average light supply of the solar panel, also allowing the decomposition of deposited organic matter (bird droppings, air pollution, plant deposits) through a process of photocatalysis, which results in much easier cleaning of coated surfaces.


Its properties allow for better
transmission and lower cell reflection, with
An effective increase in plant performance


Nanotechnology on solar panels, how it works.

Sun, wind, and rain are the natural elements that effectively help keep surfaces clean by simplifying and reducing cyclical cleaning. PERGOSOLAR® gives surfaces greater resistance to scratches. NANOTEK is a photocatalytic coating system specially developed for photovoltaic and solar cells to provide better transmission and lower cell reflection. There are several systems to increase transmission and decrease reflection, such as multilayer formation, however, most of these methods are very complicated.
The photocatalyst is composed mainly of TiO2 and SiO2. These materials have different reflection properties than glass, a factor that results in better transmission and reflection. When exposed to UVA radiation, the NANOTEK treatment of PERGOSOLAR®, absorbs and converts the UVA part of the light energy into electrons and electron gaps. TiO2 reacts with water (moisture in the air) to create hydroxyl radicals and with oxygen to create superoxide anions, billions of these highly oxidizing species are developed in billionths of a second and work to break down organic matter at the molecular level . Photocatalysts do not lose their properties with the passage of time, since they act only as activators of the process, not binding to pollutants, remaining available for new cycles of photocatalysis.

num 1 Maximum transmission and minimum reflection, NANOTEK®
increases transmission and decreases reflection by more than 5 percent.

num 1 Perfect adhesion to panel glass.

num 1 Excellent scratch resistance.

num 1 Excellent antifouling effect.

num 1 Self-cleaning effect.

num 1 Protection of the glass surface from environmental influences.

num 1 Protection against dye degeneration (DSSC)
Through the reduction of UV radiation.

num 1 Increase solar energy production by 5 percent.

num 1 More cleanliness on the surface of solar cells.

num 1 Long service life (up to 30 years).

num 1 Reduces costs and maintenance/cleaning cycles.

num 1 Environmental friendliness.

num 1 Active action against fungi and bacteria.