New model of solar pergolas: Pergosolar production


New model of solar pergolas: Pergosolar production

Solar pergolas new production model: Pergosolar


Pergosolar has perfected its production standard for at least 5 models of pergolas, meeting all the quality standards of structure and durability.
Pergola structures are always equipped with stainless steel hardware. The frames are made of galvanized steel alloy and painted with scratch-resistant epoxy powder, and the ground fixing is made with certified 16 mm FBN pins. All structures are guaranteed 20 years. The upper covers (varying from triple-layer, micro-perforated, slatted or photovoltaic paneled sheeting) manage to give maximum protection and microclimatic comfort in the host part.

Carports and pergolas


These solar pergolas can be designed to be carports or as small garden habitats. The innovative, minimalist design fits well in any setting.


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Freestanding or lean-to pergolas


The new production process has allowed us to design in a more optimized way every single modular piece of the pergola itself, speeding up the whole assembly and installation part. The pergolas you can find in Pergosolar can be: freestanding or lean-to pergolas, and can accommodate up to 3 cars in the medium-small versions. We also have long-span pergolas for commercial needs.


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All sheets used for roofing are created with system based on CLEVERTEX® nanotechnology exclusive treatment Spaces Shadow Technologies guarantees durability and bacterial load, increased breathability. Microperforated sheets are self-tensioned and are welded with invisible system

In case the roof is equipped with photovoltaic panels, we have a special system made for this purpose, spaced 1 cm apart with the goal of waterproofing
Average size of 105mmx189mm but sizes may vary, Guaranteed 10 years and Performance guarantee for energy production up to 80% after 25 years.

For any advice we will be happy to propose our best offer even with inspection to ensure greater accuracy of the structure.