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Latest news from the energy sector: new design of carport structures and pergolas with photovoltaic roofs.

Today, solar energy is the new star of the green economy and a lifestyle more in line with nature.

Solar carport benefits
Solar carport benefits Solar panel carport structure Photovoltaic carports, also known as solar carports, are an innovative and efficient way to generate electricity while also providing a practical solution for car parking. These structures are designed to not only protect vehicles from the elements, but also to generate electricity through the use of photovoltaic panels. One of the main benefits of photovoltaic carports is that they provide a cost-effective way ...
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How to do photovoltaic panel maintenance?
How to do photovoltaic panel maintenance? Fortunately, maintenance of photovoltaic panels does not require a great deal of effort, but it is important for the system to work at all times. The 'most important aspect concerns the cleanliness of module surfaces so that the maximum capture of sunlight is guaranteed. In this way, maximum plant profitability and consequently also the best performance from an economic point of view can be ...
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How to choose the best structure with photovoltaic panels
How to choose canopies and structures with photovoltaic panels. Would you like to install a carport or canopy in your garden but don't want to give up the benefits of photovoltaic panels? I PERGOSOLAR carports and photovoltaic shelters are the solution you've been looking for! High electricity costs are leading more and more people to choose to install photovoltaic panels, but it is not always possible to install ...
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Panoramic windows are installed without permits In the Aid Decree (DL 115/2022), the installation of Panoramic Glass Windows(VEPA) is liberalized (see WINDOWS and VERANDAS ) , making them part of free building works, those that do not require any prior authorization. Panoramic vents, are perfect as an addition to a balcony or to close off a PERGOLA / PENSILINA. (see mod. PERGOLA ). However, there ...
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New model of solar pergolas: Pergosolar production
Solar pergolas new production model: Pergosolar Pergosolar has perfected its production standard for at least 5 models of pergolas, meeting all the quality standards of structure and durability. Pergola structures are always equipped with stainless steel hardware. The frames are made of galvanized steel alloy and painted with scratch-resistant epoxy powder, and the ground fixing is made with certified 16 mm FBN pins. All structures are guaranteed 20 years. The ...
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Bioclimatic pergolas, roofs and solar canopies for outdoor use
Bioclimatic pergolas, roofs and solar canopies for outdoor use Bioclimatic pergolas are distinguished by their innovative roofing system, a technology that allows light to enter naturally and experience your outdoor space in full harmony. With minimal energy expenditure, bioclimatic covers with swiveling blades rotate silently for optimal comfort! Pergolas, pergola and solar canopies The definition of an arbor is often interchanged with that of a pergola, but what does administrative ...
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Modular and innovative photovoltaic shelters
In recent years, environmental awareness has become very present, so much so that we are making important decisions in our daily lives. The photovoltaic carport, thanks to the presence of the charging totem, is useful for powering the electric car but also becomes a parking lot in its own right, or a refreshment or relaxation area offering a variety of amenities. Made from a variety of materials, of excellent quality ...
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