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– Galvanized alloy steel frame painted to
scratch-resistant epoxy powders
– 10-year warranty
– Main columns 140 x 80
– Upper perimeter structure 140 x 80
– Central frangi-tracts 100 x 80
– Steel plates 6/8/10mm thick
– Hardware in certified STAINLESS STEEL
– Ground fixing made with galvanized FBN pins

Elegance and Functionality

Geometric lines for a unique and eye-catching design. Structure made entirely of steel, designed as a car cover but adaptable as a garden cover for relaxing moments.

Hardware complying with the following standards

Corrosion resistance:
ISO 3506-1 standard.
Mechanical properties:
the ISO 3506-1: 2020 standard
Tensile properties:
the ISO 3506-1: 2020 standard
Storage Batteries
Batteries can be available in low and high voltage for Hybrid storage systems and inverters offered by PERGOSOLAR. These products are the ideal solution for optimizing energy independence in residential settings. Modular and parallelable, they are the ideal devices for inverter storage installations. Lithium-ion or Lithium-iron-phosphate technology enables optimal use even at high depths of discharge by optimizing energy storage and reuse Ease of installation and top-of-the-line service life make these batteries advantageous and cost-effective. Our proposed batteries are modular, starting from 2.5kw it is possible to go up to 30kw.
Electric Mobility Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
PERGOSOLAR charging stations are available in 2 power models of 7 and 22 KW, single and three-phase, smart and connectable to any existing photovoltaic system, in addition to the production and storage inverters offered by PERGOSOLAR. L’full range can manage energy flows and predict energy needs for the best use of electric vehicles, photovoltaic systems, and storage systems.
Switchboard AC Side Photovoltaic Plant Protection Three-phase power 10KW for inverter with integrated CEI 021 interface protection
Switchboard AC Side Photovoltaic Plant Protection Three-phase power 10KW for inverter with integrated CEI 021 interface protection
Protection and disconnection switchboard Production meter consisting of:
No.1 ABS Watertight Switchboard 24 IP65 Modules
No.1 Residual Current Circuit Breaker 3P+N 20A 6Ka Id 0.3A Class A
No.1 Surge arrester 4P 440V Class II Impulse current discharges 20Ka with 20° fuse protections
No.1 Line arrival terminal block from production meter
No.1 Terminal block output to inverter line
Single-wire wiring diagram and declaration of conformity
Monitoring via app The app allows easy and intuitive monitoring of all components. The app allows you to view inverter and storage system data, so you will be able to have a complete view of all energy flows.
Single-phase inverters
PERGOSOLAR single-phase inverters are the ideal solution for small-scale photovoltaic systems for residential or commercial use. Available in sizes from 1 to 6 Kw, they are characterized by their small size, making them handy and easy to install. Due to their wide input range, they are easy to configure and can be adapted to all kinds of needs both on new installations and in retrofits on existing installations. The graphical or alphanumeric display (depending on the model) allows consultation of inverter data, while WiFi connectivity enables remote monitoring anytime, anywhere.


PERGOSOLAR three-phase inverters are the best solution for medium-sized photovoltaic systems for commercial or industrial applications.
Thanks to the advanced technology applied, three-phase inverters are efficient, versatile and high-performance. Available in sizes ranging from 3.3 to 136 Kw , they are easy to set up, safe and robust, and can adapt to all kinds of needs both on new systems and in retrofit to existing systems.


Inverter for IBRID storage
PERGOSOLAR storage inverters are ideal for optimizing energy independence in residential and commercial settings. Installation is quick and easy, configuration automatic. This inverter is necessary for the operation of a storage battery. The hybrid range features power ratings from 3 Kw to 6 Kw single-phase and 5 Kw to 20 Kw three-phase, ideal on new-build installations.